The Kudos skill offers email notifications that you can use to:

  • Send weekly reminders to your team, so they take a deep breath, reflect and give kudos to other team members that are doing a great job.
  • Send a weekly encouraging email with positive feedback, so that each member of your team starts off the week in a very positive mood, receiving a summary of all the kudos that were given to them during the previous days, including any positive notes that were written.

Configuring the emails as administrator

Access the Kudos skill and go to the Skill Settings, then find the "team weekly reminders" section.

From this section you can enable the reminder and decide on which day you want to send those reminders.

Each user will get an email on that day, reminding to take a pause to give kudos to others.

You can use the same section to configure whether you want to enable the weekly encouraging report on Mondays.

This email is recommended as it's really great to improve coworkers motivation.

Configuring email notifications as a user/member

If the administrator has activated the weekly reminders and encouraging reports, the user/member will see an option to configure the own preferences, in case they don't want to get the emails or prefer to get the notifications via bot rather than email.