Your team is surely working hard to move forward the projects you're all been working on. Perhaps, not every team member is getting to know how meaningful their work is to others and creating awareness could potentially improve their motivation.

At DailyBot, we love celebrating wins and telling our team how great they are doing. We celebrate publicly, using chat channels or emails, although sometimes you want to make those messages and positive feedback private.

With our "let's always celebrate wins and recognize others' good work" we designed and introduced a new skill for DailyBot: Kudos.

Build a better team culture

Team members will be able to give kudos to others, get recognition and create prize and game incentives using the kudos leaderboard visible to every team member.

Kudos can be given easily from your chat platform (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat) or using our web application. It's so easy that giving kudos to someone just takes a few seconds.

You know what's the best part? You make their day for the person you give kudos to. It is truly encouraging.

Give kudos from the web app or using the chatbot

You can interact with DailyBot's kudos easily from the chat, from any channel, using commands like:

@DailyBot kudos to @someone for the great work

From the web app, access the Kudos skill and click the "Give kudos" button and follow the steps.

Reminders and encouraging weekly reports

Kudos has a built-in feature that automatically sends out reminders to your team, so they pause, reflect and give kudos to others. You decide on which day you want to schedule the reminder.

Additionally, you can configure weekly reports and DailyBot will wrap-up all the kudos the person received during the previous week and will send it out as a gift on Mondays. Is there a better way to start the week than by receiving kudos and positive notes sent by your teammates?

Create rewards and games around it

You can optionally enable a leaderboard and set it to be visible to the whole company, teams or administrators.

Things will get more fun when you create games and prize incentives with your team so that people get rewards for being at the top of the leaderboard.

Receiving kudos can be more than this recognition, the top 1 could get a gift card to go to a nice restaurant next weekend with their significant other :)