You can have several DailyBot accounts, i.e. if you are member of separate Slack workspaces, or if you need to have some accounts/organizations using Microsoft Teams, Google Chat or Slack.

Registering a new account

You can register another organization simply by adding DailyBot to your new chat platform. It's necessary that you complete the registration process and this requires that you have signed out from previous DailyBot web app sessions:

Please follow these steps:

1. Logout from DailyBot from your current web session (click the top-right dropdown menu and then Log Out)

2. Go to a private chat with DailyBot (in the new chat platform you are registering) and type this command: dashboard

3. Follow the steps to complete registration and login

4. If other coworkers were also using a previous DailyBot account, please recommend them to sign out before completing the registration