DailyBot offers a web application and dashboard that you can use to query reports, configure the system and use all the features of our product.

Web browsers compatibility

We recommend using the latest version of web browsers. We will try to fix any bug or issue related with the Platform visualization and experience only if it occurs in any of the supported browsers.

The supported browsers are the following, please click on your preferred one to download or update it:

Web browser configuration must allow the use of cookies for the Platform URL (*.dailybot.com, *.dailybot.co) and must not have any pop-up blocker for DailyBot. We also recommend turning off ad blockers for DailyBot, we don't place Ads but those plugins/extensions have shown certain incompatibilities with the rendering of our web application page.

Responsive - mobile friendly support

We do our best to support mobile browsers and our web adapts very well to Android, iPhone and Tablets. We recommend using modern OS versions and web browsers.