There are two ways of solving this, if you are not an Administrator, you would need an admin to do the following changes, or get Admin permissions to do it.

First solution: change the reporting settings

You might have enabled the "send reports one by one" setting. This means that any report that gets filled out in the follow-up associated to this room, will be posted immediately into the room.

You can go to the follow-ups management page:

And then click "Follow-up settings" for the follow-up you want to modify, then from that window you can disable the "send reports one by one".

You can optionally keep or enable the "Time limit for report" setting, you could specify a time like 10:00 (in your organization timezone) — this means that at 10:00 DailyBot will send an aggregated reports that contains a summary of all reports that were filled out by your team members before 10:00.

Second solution, use a different room/channel

Many of our customers prefer to receive the reports one by one, but they usually create a Room which is specific for receiving these reports.

You can do this easily, just create a new room in Google Chat and add DailyBot to that room. Then go to the same follow-up settings window in DailyBot's web-app and change the reporting room/channel.