DailyBot supports Google Suite organizations with multiple domains: primary, secondary, and domain aliases.

It could happen that when your team members are signing up, they end up creating an account in DailyBot in a separate organization, even if that email domain belongs to the main organization that you already have registered in DailyBot. That's because their email has a domain that is yet not connected with your main organization in DailyBot.

Our support team can help you solve this.

Supporting multiple email domains

Currently, it's required that we perform a manual step to add multi-domain support for your Google integration.

Please send us an email at support@dailybot.co - and include the following information:

Subject: Add multi-domain to Google organization

  • Name of your DailyBot Organization
  • List of domains of the Google organization — please include primary, secondary and aliases
  • Important: this email must be sent from the same email/domain that you used to create the DailyBot organization

Need more help?

If you're still confused and need assistance, please just contact us at support@dailybot.co and we'll guide you through the process.