DailyBot supports Google Suite organizations with multiple domains (primary and secondary) and domain aliases.

It could happen that when your team members are signing up, as they have might have a different email domain (that's even part of your organization) they end up creating an account in DailyBot in a separate organization.

Our support team can help you solve this.

Supporting multiple email domains

Currently, DailyBot's support for multi-domain Google Hangouts Chat organizations requires a configuration process that is done manually by the DailyBot support team.

Please send us an email at support@dailybot.co - and include the following information:

Subject: Add multi-domain to Google organization

  • Name of your DailyBot Organization
  • List of domains of the Google organization — please include primary, secondary and aliases
  • CC'd emails: if you have an email address that already support the the secondary domain and other domains as aliases, then please include those email addresses (aliases) as CC'd in the request, this will help us verify the ownership faster
  • Important: this email must be sent from the same email/domain that you used to create the DailyBot organization

Need more help?

If you're still confused and need assistance, please just contact us at support@dailybot.co and we'll guide you through the process.