DailyBot allows you to collect anonymous responses on any follow-up.

This feature is available in the Business and Enterprise plans and can be combined with privacy levels, hence you can adapt it to several use cases in your team.

Enabling the anonymous responses

You can enable the anonymous responses on a per follow-up basis.

Important: please mind that once you create a follow-up as Anonymous or you convert a regular follow-up into Anonymous, then you will not be able to rollback, all the responses will be anonymized.

Once you have the anonymous responses on and visit the dashboard, reports or activity views, you will see those responses and the photo, user name and role/occupation will be filled with random data.

Security measures

The responses are not trackable by API consumers either, each response is given with randomized identification data, and the UUID (unique identifier) of each response is changed on every server or API response.

The privacy applied to Anonymous follow-ups is the same as the one applied to regular follow-ups. Read more about privacy.