Installing DailyBot for Microsoft Teams

In order to sign up, you should first install the Bot.

  • Open and then click the "Add to Teams" button, this will redirect you to your Microsoft Teams app, opening the DailyBot application card.
  • Or just open Microsoft Teams, open the Apps page, and search for DailyBot.

Install DailyBot by clicking Add to a team.

Please follow the instructions presented by DailyBot.

Add DailyBot to a Team in your Microsoft Teams workspace

It is necessary that you add DailyBot to a Team so that you can later invite members from that Team into DailyBot, or see and select channels from that Team for the reporting activities.

Complete the onboarding in the web application

Once you have DailyBot installed and it is added to a Team, please complete the registration step.
DailyBot will offer you a link or button to complete the registration, this link will take you to the web app where you should complete these steps:

  1. Set your organization name
  2. Specify settings like time zone and language
  3. Invite members
  4. Create your first follow-up

Creating your first follow-up

After finishing the onboarding, the last step is to create a follow-up, the web app will show that final step automatically.

Creating the follow-up is simple, by default it uses the Daily Stand-ups template, and the follow-up will target a team named "General" inside DailyBot, which will have all the members from your team, however, you can later change the name of the team or members.

In this step you define the Channel where you want to send reports coming from this team and a time to get a consolidated report; that time also works as a deadline for the team to complete the report.

You can later change settings for that Follow-Up, in order to define whether you want to get the reports posted one by one as they get filled in, or if you just want to wait until that deadline to get the consolidated report.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket and we'll help you.