For some reason your company administrator is not present in your team anymore and you need to recover access to DailyBot.

First steps to request the change:

  1. Identify the email of your current administrators
  2. Send an email to asking for the change, subject: "Admin change request"
  3. Please copy (cc) all the current administrators in that email request
  4. In the email body, please provide the email of the new administrator required
  5. Please send the email from the new administrator inbox, or at least, from the same company domain that your current administrators use


The new requested administrator should be already registered in the DailyBot organization.

What happens next?

DailyBot's support team will wait 24-48 hours to make sure that the current administrators do not reject the change.

If it's not rejected, the new administrator will receive the Org Admin role.

The support team will not remove the admin role from previous administrators, the new administrator will have to do that process.