You or a user in your organization could be a member of several Teams or Follow-Ups.

It could happen that the user will get asked to fill a report, and that report includes the same exact questions that other reports that you will be asked to give during that day (because the separate Follow-Ups use the same Questions Template).

In those cases, the user might want to respond to the questions only once and have the responses attached to all the Follow-Ups that are going to be asking the same questions (aka: that use the same Questions Template) for the current day.

It is possible to reply only once and get your responses posted in all the Follow-Ups that have the same questions.

This is possible to do by enabling the "Re-Using Responses" feature.

How to enable this feature

This feature can be enabled/disabled by each user/individual; org administrator cannot enable/disable this feature for other users, an org admin can enable/disable that feature only for herself/himself.

To enable this feature:

  1. Login into DailyBot's web dashboard
  2. Go to Follow-Ups Skill > Skill Settings
  3. Then click on My Preferences (side menu)
  4. Or use this URL:
  5. Go to the "Re-Using My Responses" setting
  6. Turn ON the switch

Important considerations

  • This feature will re-use the responses for the current day, that are related to the same Questions Template
  • If you have several Follow-Ups configured and each Follow-Up uses a different Questions Template, then you will have to fill the report for each Follow-Up
  • You can turn ON/OFF this feature at any moment

When could I use this feature?

The most common use case is when Managers are member of several Stand-ups or Follow-Ups, and sometimes they want to manually fill a report and they want that report to be posted in all the stand-ups/follow-ups they're member of.

Also, sometimes there are users that are part of several projects but they want to avoid the hassle of replying several times to the same questions, and rather they want to just reply with one single update that contains everything.