We're sorry to hear that you're being annoyed by DailyBot everyday, of course no one deserves that :)

The org administrator can solve this for you

Ask your Org administrator to remove you (or disable the automatic questions for you), for each of the teams you're part of in the DailyBot organization — this can be done through the web dashboard.

You can turn the bot on/off

Login to DailyBot (https://app.dailybot.co) and go to the Follow-ups > settings > profile preferences, and disable the option "Automatic bot questions".

Disabling daily reminders/questions but keeping dashboard reports visibility

If you are not an admin and you want to continue seeing reports of all teams in the web dashboard, then the recommended solution is that you continue being member of each team, but with the "automatic questions" disabled for each team. The admin or teams managers can do this for you.