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Setting up accounts for new users

  • You can simply add new members to your DailyBot organization from the web dashboard (go to Organization > Members, or directly to the Team members window and add them from there)
  • Users will get notified by email and by Slack about their new account
  • Users can finish the signup process to configure their preferences, language, timezone, etc.
  • New users inherit the Organization timezone, hence it is recommended that each user checks the timezone at the user profile

Users joining existent organization

It might happen that your Slack workspace is already connected to a DailyBot organization.

When users from your current DailyBot Org (and Slack workspace) join DailyBot using the "Connect with Slack" button, they will be creating an account in DailyBot and will automatically join the Organization.

It's also important to highlight that when users join the existent Organization by themselves they will get added automatically to the "Default" team; the default team is usually the one named "General", however the org administrators can define what the Default team should be.