If you are experiencing issues, in example DailyBot is not contacting any of your users, or you just noticed that DailyBot has disappeared from your chat, you can just connect him back by adding him to your chat and sending a message to him.

Follow instructions in case that it applies. If you are getting more errors or it does not reply, please submit a support ticket.


You don't necessarily have to disconnect DailyBot from Hangouts if you want to disable it temporarily or for a season.

If you want to disable the Follow-ups for your entire organization you could just go to Follow-ups Skill > Settings (tab) and then turn off the Bot Automatic Questions switch.

If you still want to remove DailyBot from your organization you can just simple remove the bot from your chat. You can still keep the organization in DailyBot and access reports/history in the Web Dashboard and connect back the bot at anytime you prefer.