Hangouts Chat works in a special way, users should first give permissions to DailyBot and create their account before you can actually invite them to teams, etc.

Ask your team members to add DailyBot and create their account

Each member that wants to be part of the DailyBot organization should:

  1. Open Google Hangouts Chat
  2. Add DailyBot
  3. Send a message to DailyBot
  4. Then complete the signup instructions

Use the invite link

Open the organization settings and open the members management window:

Once you open the members management window, you'll see a link that you can copy. Please get that link and share it to your co-workers via email or WhatsApp.

The user that uses the link will start the process with a "Sign in with Google" authentication process and then DailyBot will share instructions to complete the setup inside Google Hangouts Chat.

Invite members

Once all the members are part of the organization, you can create teams or invite them to your current teams.

Visit the teams and members management section for more information.