You can manage multiple teams inside a DailyBot organization.

Please be aware that in DailyBot you can manage organization and teams at the Core level (this means overall settings) and then you may also have the option to manage each Skill preferences for the Organization or Teams.

You require admin or teams management permissions in order to perform these operations.

Creating Teams

Go to the Organization Settings > Teams (tab) and click Create Team to open the creation wizard.

Enter the name of the team and choose the members you want to invite.

If you are using Hangouts, keep in mind that users should have first an account in DailyBot (read more).

Modifying Teams

Go to the Organization Settings > Teams (tab).

You can edit the name of the team by clicking the input and just retyping the name, the data is saved automatically.

You can remove the team using the 3 dots menu at the right and you can also define what is the default team of your org —default team is the team where new users are joined automatically—.

Team members

Go to the Organization Settings > Teams (tab).

Open the members window by clicking the members icon. From this window you can manage members permissions or add/remove members.

Skill specific settings for a Team

Some Skills (i.e. Followups) have configuration that applies to Teams.

To manage this configuration you should go to the Skill and then click the "Settings" tab for that Skill, then in the sidebar you can navigate the configuration options and then identify the team that you want to configure around that specific Skill.