The Followups Skill is the first and most basic skill for DailyBot.

This Skill allows DailyBot to perform daily check-ins with your team in order to gather information about what they are doing.

The information that is collected is stored and showed in DailyBot's web dashboard and can optionally be posted to your chat platform.

Daily Followups

You can configure when to make daily follow-ups, defining the days or the times for it.

Each user can individually define timezone settings and the time for the daily reminder. The key questions that DailyBot asks are:

  • What did you do Yesterday?
  • What are you going to work on Today?
  • Do you have any blockers?

Retrospectives and other kind of check-ins

You can use DailyBot to configure other check-ins such as: weekly retrospectives, management 1-1s, weekly status reports, wellness check-ins and much more. Use the web application to explore all the available templates or upgrade your plan to configure your own question templates.

Reporting to your chat or email

The Skill can post reports to your chat platform (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, etc.). You can configure whether you want to receive reports as they get completed (one by one) or whether you want to receive all the aggregated reports at a given time.

Additionally, each user can configure whether they want to receive emails at the same time an aggregated report is sent to the channels, other possible email reports are:

  • Daily digest: an email that contains information about "what happened yesterday" - it gives you a summary of all the follow-ups you have visibility
  • Weekly digest: an email that contains information about the previous 7 days, it's a perfect email that you can read on Fridays or at the beginning of the week while you enjoy that cup of coffee or tea.

Dashboard features

You can see a Dashboard with a quick overview of reports completion and the blockers that were reported for the current day, you can also browse the history and filter the activity by users or type of questions.

Motivational question

You can optionally configure this Skill to help you track your team's motivation. You can define on which day of the week DailyBot should ask team members about how do they feel about work in a scale of 1 to 5. The answers are anonymous and the administrator can decide whether the metrics are transparent to all the team or whether only admins/managers should see them.

Email digests

The Skill can also create email digests with consolidated reports and send them to your email, daily or weekly, depending on your plan.

Visit the FAQs for the Follow-ups Skill.