Installing DailyBot on Hangouts requires to follow these instructions.

1. Opening the website

First you should go to DailyBot's main website and then you should click the "Add to Hangouts Chat" button.

2. Authorizing the application

Once you have clicked the button, you should complete the Google login/authorization process in order to give DailyBot permissions to read profile information in order to create your account.

Accept the permissions request in order to continue.

3. Completing the organization setup

Once you have authorized DailyBot you should follow the step by step provided by DailyBot, in order to create your organization and define its timezone.

4. Add DailyBot to your Hangouts Chat

Got to your Hangouts Chat application and search for bots to add DailyBot to your workspace.

Once you have added DailyBot, please type something to him, and follow the instructions.

5. Creating teams and inviting users

When you use DailyBot with Hangouts you should keep in mind that in order to configure a room/channel for reports, you should add DailyBot to that room/channel first in order for you to see the room displayed in the web dashboard's dropdown.

In a similar way, in order to add users, each user should add DailyBot to its chat and send a message to DailyBot, and then follow instructions for setting up the account. Once the users have created their accounts, you as an admin will see the users available in the dashboard to be invited to any team you create.