Hi there!

We're very excited about introducing this new version of DailyBot. We've been working hard in our product, conceptual changes and also in all the technology that is going to enable us to make our vision happen. We're setting the base that will be running DailyBot for the years to come.

Introducing Skills

We're introducing the concept of Skills, this is one of the biggest changes in this new DailyBot and it will help us grow the product in a more organized way.

You can think of a Skill as a set of features around a specific theme that all together make DailyBot work smart around that given theme. Skills are the way for us to train DailyBot about new workflows and use cases.

You'll see that our header menu now shows the Skill you're using and more skills will appear there when available:

Skills based navigation and settings

From now on you will notice that each Skill in DailyBot has it's own navigation menu. That navigation appears as a sub-header to the main header.

Regarding the interaction with the bot from Slack, Hangouts or other future integrations, you will notice that the commands and understanding from the Bot will vary depending on the Skills that your organization is using.

You can always type "help" to DailyBot in order to get the list of available commands/interactions.

Splitting organization settings and team settings

In order to separate better the pages and improve our information hierarchy, we're splitting the settings page in several pieces:

  1. Organization settings: where you can manage overall org preferences, main timezone for reports, bot language, members.
  2. Team settings: where you can add/remove teams and manage members of those teams, as well as the permissions per member.
  3. Per-skill settings: where you can manage the settings for each skill, in each skill settings page you can manage preferences of that skill that apply to a) the organization, b) a given team or team member (depending on the skill) and c) user personal preferences.

This is how a team block will look like. You will notice some "flags" icons that indicate who the admins of that team are, you can always click the "gear" icon to open the members management panel.

This is how the per-skill settings look like now:

In our previous version of DailyBot, some users prefer to interact with the bot only via Slack or Hangouts, hence they were not setting up the web account or accessing the web dashboard regularly.

For this new version, and in order to get the most out of DailyBot, we encourage all of our users to sign up to the web app and take a tour in order to see all the configuration options available.

If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also browse our customer portal and FAQs in order to solve other questions.

Any problems?

Please submit a ticket.