Configuration per user

Please make sure that users have their daily reminder (start time and timezone) properly configured; each user can configure these settings in their user profile.

The timezone and start time are the settings that DailyBot use to know when to ask users to start the Daily. That reminder time must be a moment before/sooner than the time you have configured for the reports to be shared automatically to the channel.

Recommended checks

1. Please check that your organization timezone is correct (this is the timezone used to send the reports to channels).

2. Please ask your users to check they have configured the right timezone for them, and that their start time is configured at a moment before the report is sent to the channels (otherwise they might not get the automatic question).

Still not getting the daily reminders?

1. Make sure the users are part of the teams and they have automatic questions enabled.

2. Make sure each user has the "bot questions" feature enabled.

If you need more support, please submit a ticket to our support team.