Adding members on Slack

Go to the Organization Settings page and open the Members window; or go to the Teams tab and open the a specific team's members window.

Use the text input to search for the user you want to invite to the organization ro team.

About default teams

When users join your organization by themselves (i.e. using the Slack connect button) they will join automatically your default team (you can change what your default team is).

Adding members on Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has some particularities.

Users should first add the Bot to their chat and send a private message to the bot, then finish the signup process.

Once that's done, the org admin can see the users in the org, invite them to teams, etc.

Something similar happens with the channels, in order to configure a channel/room for DailyBot to send reports, you should first add the bot to that room in Hangouts.

Deactivating members

You can deactivate members at any time from the Organization Settings page > Members window.

When you deactivate a member, they won't be able to login to the web and DailyBot will stop interacting with them via chat.

You can reactivate the members at any moment and you won't lose any data.