Yes! use DailyBot for free

Keeping in mind the small teams that are just starting out, we promised ourselves that there would always be a free version. This free plan will stay forever and will always support an unlimited amount of users per organization.

However, as we’re growing and creating more features, we’re making some changes to our free plan. Specifically, this means there will be some limits to the free plan and some features won’t be enabled. At the same time, we’re introducing paid plans.

The free plan does not have a limit in number or users, number or teams, or number of follow-ups.

The limits of the free plan :

  • Each organization will be able to fill out up to 100 follow-up/stand-up reports per month. A report = a response to any follow-up by a user. You’ll be notified when you reach 80% of that limit. If you reach that limit you can still see the history and dashboard.
  • History access is limited to 7 days on the web dashboard or exports.
  • You can use the search feature in the activity feed, however, the results will be limited to the previous 7 days.
  • The ability to customize questions or create different kinds of follow-ups (i.e. retrospectives, bi-weekly or monthly follow-ups) will be  disabled.
  • Anonymous responses and other features might be limited.
  • Some follow-up question templates will be limited.
  • API Hooks aren’t offered in the free plan for now, but they might be included at some point. 
  • API and integrations are not included.

Learn more about the limits and plans at: