DailyBot responds to the following commands:


It allows you to start your daily follow-up at anytime, without having to wait for the bot to ask for it automatically.

daily status

You can use it in a direct message to get the status of your own follow-up reports for the day, it'll show you the ones that are pending to be filled out and the ones that were already completed.

daily reset

It allows you to reset your current daily follow-up, you can use it when you forgot to include relevant info or if you sent a report by mistake.


If you type "report" in a private message to DailyBot, It will give you the dailies related to the teams you're part of. If you use in in a channel, it will give you the dailies/reports that are related to the team(s) associated with that channel.

report @user

You can ask for the specific daily report of a user, in a private message or in a channel where DailyBot is member of.


It gives you a unique link that you can use to login into the web application. From the web application you can see summaries, daily reports and metrics. The web is also the main interface for setting up DailyBot and creating/configuring Skills, follow-ups, etc.


It gives you a link to our product updates and news page, it contains information about recent features and enhancements added to our product.


It shows you all the possible interactions with DailyBot with a short help description.


You can use this command to send a feedback message to the team that is making DailyBot, you should type feedback followed by your feedback message for us.

In example: feedback As a user I would love to have a flying cat to come to my home to ask me for the Daily.