DailyBot responds to the following commands:


It allows you to start your daily follow-up at anytime, without having to wait for the bot to ask for it automatically.


It allows you to reset your current daily follow-up, you can use it when you forgot to include relevant info or if you sent a report by mistake. Editing specific answers is yet not supported.


If you type "report" in a private message to DailyBot, It will give you the dailies related to the teams you're part of. If you use in in a channel, it will give you the dailies/reports that are related to the team(s) associated with that channel.

report @user

You can ask for the specific daily report of a user, in a private message or in a channel where DailyBot is member of.


It shows you all the possible interactions with DailyBot with a short help description.


You can use this command to send a feedback message to the team that is making DailyBot, you should type feedback followed by your feedback message for us.ç

In example: feedback As a user I would love to have a flying cat to come to my home to ask me for the Daily.