An administrator has all the management super powers inside DailyBot

As an Organization admin you have the ability to configure and change the general preferences of your organization and teams.

A list of things you could do:

  • Managing teams
  • Managing users permissions
  • Inviting new members of your team to join DailyBot follow-ups
  • Set start/end time of work
  • Set time to send the report to your chat platform
  • Set the reporting channel, where you send reports to your chat platform
  • Setup reports by email
  • Setup general bot language for the full organization
  • Setup working days
  • Setup the anonymous motivational question
  • Enable/disable the motivational chart for your team
  • Create/edit question templates
  • Create/edit custom follow-ups
  • Manage billing preferences
  • Upgrade/downgrade your plan
  • Activate/deactivate users (to change billing status)
  • Approve/reject new memberships (in case you have a premium plan and this setting on)