Spend more time where it matters

DailyBot automates asynchronous standup meetings and other team workflows and gives you a powerful dashboard to ensure your team is always on track.

Stand-up meetings are usually time boxed meetings that teams have every day in order to talk about potential challenges and work plans. DailyBot automates these meetings for asynchronous usage and allows members to answer to the stand-up questions via a chatbot from Slack and Google Hangouts Chat.

Skills with super powers

DailyBot offers several Skills that you can configure to organize your team's workflow. Each Skill automates a part of your workflow. The more Skills you configure, the more super powers DailyBot will have. DailyBot offers you a Follow-ups skill for the stand-ups, and more Skills will be available soon in our directory.

Chatbot from its foundation

DailyBot is a chatbot first platform, this means that you can use all the features from the chat window and there are even some features that are launched first for the conversational interface. Every Skill we launch includes a web interface and a conversational interface.

Remote teams, this is your product

It is ideal for remote/distributed teams; it supports multiple timezones and languages and adapt to Remote workflows.

It collects all the information through a private chat with each member of the team, and at a certain time it delivers a report to the team, posting it to a chat channel, or notifying by email.