Deactivate the bot for the organization

If you want to stop using the chatbot you can just remove the DailyBot integration from your Chat Platform.

Slack: remove the App from your work space

Microsoft Teams: remove the Bot from your teams and uninstall it

Google Hangouts Chat: remove the bot from the chat contacts

If you do it this way you won't lose your data and you can connect the bot back at any time; this would be our recommendation.

Deleting your organization

In case you really require to delete your organization, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the web dashboard (you should be the org administrator)
  2. Go to Organization Settings
  3. Click the right menu and then click the "Delete Organization" option
  4. Re-enter the organization name for safety purposes
  5. Follow the last instructions


This process is unrecoverable. We highly recommend you first perform a data export before starting your deletion.

If you need any support please submit a ticket or contact us at — please be sure that ticket is created by an org administrator.