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Soft deletion

DailyBot does not allow to fully delete members, in order for you to be able to keep the records, dailies and other information stored by other Skills.

This allows you to remove access for specific users (they won't be able to login to DailyBot neither see any info) and you can re-activate at any moment if that's needed.

How to do it

  1. Login to the web dashboard (you should be an admin)
  2. Go to Organization Settings
  3. Open the members management window
  4. Identify the user you want to deactivate (you can use the search box)
  5. Click the right icon to open the options
  6. Click "Disable Member"

This will deactivate the user.

Team removal

You can alternatively just remove the user from some specific team.

Go to Organization Settings > Teams (tab), then open the team members management window and find the user you want to remove.