Changing the channel or room for team reports

You can set your channel/room for sending the reports, at any moment; you should be an administrator (or team admin).

  1. Go to the Follow-ups Skill > Settings (tab)
  2. Identify the follow-up you want to modify
  3. Click on "Follow-up settings"
  4. Go to the channel for reporting section
  5. Use the dropdown to change the channel/room
  6. Save the changes

Considerations for private channels in Slack

  • Invite DailyBot manually (from within Slack) to the private channel first
  • If you don't see the channel, please try removing and adding DailyBot back to the channel (from inside Slack), you can use the command /invite @dailybot in the channel

Considerations for Microsoft Teams channels

  • DailyBot should be a member of the Team where your channel is
  • Please make sure DailyBot is reachable (using the @DailyBot handle) in the team and channel
  • From the web app, please use the search to find the channel, notice that the name of the Team in Microsoft Teams will appear as a suffix in the channel name

Considerations for Hangouts rooms

  • Invite DailyBot to the room first and then follow the previous steps
  • If you don't see the room in the list, please remove/add the bot again (from within Hangouts Chat) and refresh DailyBot's web page to repeat the previous steps